A bowl of crispy fried snacks or a plate of roasted goodies is sure to make you drool. But the thought of the calories you are consuming can put you off. What if you can have the same fried snacks sans oil? Does that sound interesting? This is where air fryers come into the picture. 

An air fryer is similar to a convection oven that stimulates deep frying. But, unlike a normal fryer, it does not use any oil. Instead, hot air that circulates at high speed inside the oven produces a crisp layer through a browning reaction. As a result, you get a crispy fried snack without the actual frying process. 

Air fryers are available in different price ranges. For instance, you get an air fryer for $50 as well as for $200. Let us have a look at a few of the best air fryers you can purchase for less than $120.

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Best Air Fryers Under $120

  1. Ninja AF101 air fryer
Ninja AF101 air fryer

This 4 quartz air fryer comes with a ceramic coated non-stick basket and crisper plate. The fryer has a wide temperature range from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The device has four programmable cooking functions with a one-touch control panel that makes cooking easy. Therefore, whether you want to air fry, roast, dehydrate or reheat food items, it is now possible with the Ninja AF101 air fryer. 

This countertop air fryer is all of 10.58 pounds and comes in black and grey finishes. Besides, all parts of the fryer are dishwasher safe. Thus, maintaining the appliance is rather easy. 


  • Lightweight and occupies less space. Thus, it is ideal for small countertops
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Performs a range of functions like roasting, frying and reheating. 


  • The device is small for a family of four. Thus, if you want to cook for a family, the Ninja AF101 may not be a good choice.
  • The cooking time mentioned in the guide is not so accurate. Therefore, you need to figure out the time through trial and error.
  • Several customers complained about a toxic plastic smell. However, these are likely to be defective products.                                                                                                                                                               
  1. Instant Vortex plus 6-quart air fryer
Instant Vortex Plus 6 Quart 6-in-1 air fryer

This is a 6-in-1 air fryer that can air fry, roast, bake, broil, reheat and dehydrate food items. The fryer makes use of evencrisp technology for frying. As a result, you get the crunch and tenderness of deep frying by using less oil. You can use six customizable one-touch cooking programs to prepare the dish you want. In addition, you can also adjust the temperature from 95 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as per your requirement. 

The Instant Vortex plus air fryer weighs 14.87 pounds and is available in black color. It makes use of 120 voltage power for cooking. 


  • 6-in1 one-touch cooking programs. Thus, cooking with the appliance is very easy.
  • Clearcook window for viewing the interiors. As a result, you can view the cooking process.
  • Dishwasher safe. Thus, it is easy to clean and maintain. 


  • The plate falls off if you tip the basket. Thus, you should be extra careful while emptying the basket.
  • As with any other air fryer, you need to do some experiments to figure out the right setting. 
  1. Dreo air fryer pro max
Dreo air fryer pro max

This is an 11-in-1 digital air fryer with an oven-grade smart temperature control system. The fryer has a 6.8 quartz basket that can accommodate more food. As a result, you can prepare meals for 3-5 people in one go. The temperature setting ranges from 100 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The fryer follows an ergonomic design with a transparent viewing window. Thus, you can view the food that is being prepared. 

The Dreo air fryer pro max weighs 12 pounds and is available in a black finish. 


  • 11-in-1 touch cooking programs. 
  • Comes with a cookbook with 100 free recipes. Therefore, you can try out different recipes.
  • Cooking time is fast. 
  • Transparent viewing window. Thus, you can view the food while it is being prepared.


  • Though the size of the machine is large, the surface area for cooking is small. Thus, it may not suit the requirement of all.
  • Sometimes it dries out the dishes. 
  1. Cosori 9-in-1 air fryer
Cosori 9-in-1 air fryer

The Cosori air fryer comes with 360 degrees rapid air circulation technology that can deep fry the dishes without any oil. The fryer has 9 one-touch cooking functions that makes it more versatile. As a result, you can cook a variety of dishes from veggies to chicken, seafood, bacon and steak. It can accommodate 5 quartz of food items at one time. Thus, you can easily cook for a family of 2-4 people at a time. The fryer makes use of air whisper technology for its operation. Therefore, it produces very low noise while cooking. 

The Cosori 9-in-1 air fryer weighs 10.01 pounds and is available in dark grey color. 


  • The air fryer works super fast. A a result, you get crispy fried food in no time.
  • The parts are dishwasher safe. Thus, it is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • It has a sleek design that blends in well with most kitchen designs. 


  • Several customers complained about a plastic smell while operating the appliance. 
  • The air fryer is meant for a family of 2-4. Thus, if you have a large family this appliance may not be a good option. 
  1. Ultrean air fryer 6 quart
Ultrean air fryer 6 quartz

The Ultrean air fryer makes use of rapid air frying technology that can fry meals with less to no oil. This is a multi-functional air fryer that can fry, roast, grill, and even bake dishes. The device has a 6 quartz cooking capacity. As a result, you can cook meals for 6-8 people without any difficulty. Besides, the fryer has an auto shut off and overheat protection mechanism. Thus, it can prevent accidents. The soft buttons and LCD display in the fryer make it easy to operate. 

The Ultrean air fryer weighs 13.76 pounds and is available in a black finish. 


  • A large basket that makes it easy to cook. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining the fryer is quite easy. 
  • Easy to use control panel. 


  • Few customers complained about the appliance catching fire. These are more likely to be defective products. 
  • Complaints are also reported about the coating in the basket peeling off. 
  1. Chefman multifunctional digital air fryer
Chefman Multifunctional digital airfryer + rotisserie

The Chefman air fryer is a multifunctional device that can perform a variety of functions. For instance, apart from air frying, it can also perform the functions of a rotisserie and oven. It cooks faster than a traditional oven and can fry food items with less oil. In addition, the device has a clearcook window and internal lighting. As a result, you get a clear view of the food while being cooked. There are 17 preset options that make your task easy. 


  • The fryer can cook large quantities of food at a time. 
  • Super fast and easy to operate. 
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. 


  • A few customers complained about the appliance not working after a few use. 


If you want crispy fried food with less oil air fryers are the best choice. They are available in a range of prices to suit all budget types. Most air fryers under $120 perform the basic function of air frying. But some brands also offer air fryers with additional functions like a rotisserie. Therefore, you should select one depending on your requirement and budget. 

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